Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Push Mails: Is ActiveSync the way to go in future....

I know I am bit late for the topic, but its worth to start on it now...

ActiveSync was always there for Microsoft Exchange, but now others are also adopting this approach for their push mail solutions.

Google (Gmail) has already started it and now activesync users of Android, iPhone, Symbian S60, Others can use activesync program of their mobile device and can sync their mails, contact, calendar with Gmail or with google Apps.

The new entry to this segment is from IBM Lotus Notes, with their Lotus traveler 8.5.1 version they have introduced Activesync support for iPhone and I guess sooner or later it will be for all other mobile devices as well.

As a solution architect or if I think from any company's perspective then I would like to have my own mobile client installed at mobile devices.

But from end-users perspective I would like to have a common client like activesync which can sync to Exchange, Google, Lotus Notes.

Well, bottom line could be until you have got something like blackberry control for end user mobile device you better off support the generic software.


  1. Hi Bhavesh,

    Good you have started this Blog. It would help me in refreshing the tech things from which I am moving away due to other work pressures.

    -- Recongnise Me ---

  2. It has to be Harsh Kumar Gupta...

  3. -----
    BTW, I had been using Lotus Traveller for almost 1 year on my O2 mobile. Active sync was working OK sometime and sometime not for reasons known to itself.. Now I got tired of using Windows PDAs for many years so switched to Nokia simple phone. Life is so simple now..

    Earlier on Same O2, I used "Good powered by Motorola", it worked very well.

    I am waiting iPhones to arrive in India with 3G.
    ==Recongnise Me==

  4. Hum..., Now it has to be Sanjay Agarwal Sir, I hope I am dead right this time.
    I am confused how active sync was working with traveler last year, it works only with Domino/Traveler 8.5.1 Beta version and only on iPhone.
    3G auction seems to be starting only by Feb'10 and will be available to users only by Q3'2010 way to long. But believe me iPhone on EDGE network is also working fast enough to sync your mail,contacts, calendar.