Friday, October 30, 2009

MS BPOS & IBM LotusLive Offerings

While I could have easily termed it as MS BPOS V/S IBM LotusLive but the only reason I didn't do that was its so early to compare them, and I being working on IBM Product for so long dont wanted to be biased.

Well, I collected information from their respective sites and mixed them, here you go......
(Click on thumbnail to view pic in large size)



  1. I understand that there are qualitative differences between BPOS & LotusLive, but is it just me or on paper at least, do you seem to get more with BPOS for less cost than for LotusLive.

  2. @Ian, Yes me too feel the same, also the solution provided by BPOS looks quit simple and easy, while the offerings from LotusLive are confusing.